• Video games: how they can harm your children



  • The debate about the harms and benefits of video games never ends. There will always be supporters of two opinions. But remember, the truth is always somewhere in the middle.


    Of course, computer and mobile games can be of great benefit to the child in different formats and manifestations. This is a stimulation of physical activity, communication skills, assistance in socialization, a tool for learning and discovery of talents.


    But video games have a downside. And here it is important to emphasize that there are two main reasons to talk about the harms of video games. The first reason is the long sessions in front of the monitor. The second reason - the lack of control over the choice of games that children play.


    If we talk about harm to children, it can manifest itself in the form of physical and psychological problems. We will talk about them in more detail.


    Physical problems

    To get all the pros of video games and not to worry about the health of the child, you need to limit the time to play and control what the child is playing. This will eliminate all the risks and dangers. But if this is not done, then at any time you can expect the first serious problems with physical health.



    If we talk about gamers who are too much into the virtual world, most often they suffer from such problems:

    • inflammation of the tendons;
    • compression of the nerves of the hands;
    • headaches;
    • severe and regular migraines;
    • dry eyes;
    • metabolic disorders;
    • active weight gain;
    • spinal problems.

    As practice shows, regular sessions of computer games are accompanied by the consumption of sweet carbonated drinks, fast food products. After all, children need to get extra energy and not get tired. Many gamers abuse fast food and energy drinks. This is one factor that leads to serious stomach and digestive problems.

    Psychological problems

    Equally serious and dangerous are the negative psychological effects in children who play video games without control. This manifests itself in the form of the following behavioral changes:

    • irritability;
    • attacks of aggression for no objective reason;
    • rudeness towards parents;
    • hyperexcitability;
    • lack of social skills;
    • inability to concentrate;
    • the appearance of inexplicable fantasies;
    • social phobias;
    • sleep disturbances;
    • anxiety.

    A very dangerous situation is when a child blurs the line between the real world and the virtual world. Some children can strongly get used to the role of the game character, repeating his phrases and actions. If we are talking about violent games with displays of violence, this imitation can end very badly.



    But you do not have to worry about all the possible negative consequences, if you control and ration the presence of his child in front of a computer screen or smartphone. And do not forget to talk to your children about the rules of behavior on the Internet, when they play online games, communicate with other players, and exchange information. In this way you will keep your child physically and psychologically healthy.